“Timeless creations, modern designs”

At Jewels by Shubham, we possess a unified passion for jewellery and gems. Our creations are a melange of art and culture, brought together through unity of design.

We offer a vast range of exquisitely designed jewellery, meticulously created through detailed techniques, varied design forms and a strict approach towards quality.

Our bejewelled creations are a blend of modernised techniques of art and aesthetically pleasing gemstone designs and patterns viewed from a modern perspective. Gems are the purest form of jewellery and our products depict their beauty with the utmost of finesse.

Each and every piece designed by us is unique in itself and is one-of-a-kind and one design shall comprise of different variants in terms of gemstones used. Hence, whatever you buy from us will be exclusively worn, only by you.

Our History

Our parent company, AS-U-LIKE Gems was founded in the year 1980 with an expertise of manufacturing coloured gemstones throughout various parts of the world including the U.S.A., European nations and major trade centres of Asia. Our vast experience in this field prompted us to create stunning pieces of jewellery that were built with finesse and quality.

Our intrinsic passion for jewellery and our constant quest to discover excellence in the jewellery industry led to the creation of our own retail label, Jewels by Shubham. Jewels by Shubham is our exclusive jewellery label dealing in gem studded sterling silver creations, curated for jewellery connoisseurs and trendsetters from all over the world.

Each one of our creations is exclusionary in itself and is created to utmost perfection through a step wise process of cutting, grading and polishing. Each of our piece is fully bespoke in nature hence whatever you purchase from us will be an exclusive design in itself varieties in terms of gemstones used in each designs.

Our team of jewellery designers and trend specialists constantly strive to create ethereal pieces of handcrafted adornments which will make you feel no lesser than a queen.

About the Founders

Jugal Maheshwari

Being a highly respectable jeweller, he has been a part of the Indian jewellery industry since 1976. With a vast experience of over 40 years in the field of jewellery, he has now extended his vision in the field of gemstone studded silver jewellery in the form of Jewels by Shubham, a one-of-a-kind jewellery label specialising in Gemstone oriented silver jewellery.

Shubham Maheshwari

A jewelry enthusiast and connoisseur by passion, Shubham is a qualified jewelry designer who obtained his Diploma for the same by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) located in Mumbai (INDIA).

His love for the craft motivated him to come up with his own jewellery label which redefines the presence of traditional as well as modern jewellery in the world.

Why Us

What makes us different from the others?

  • Secure Free Shipping on Indian orders and flat rate international shipping

 When you order any product with us, you can stay assured about the safety of the product that you have ordered as we provide secured free shipping on all the Indian orders and flat rate international shipping for orders outside the India. You will also be able to track your order while it is in transit to ascertain the proper time for delivery.

  • Premium Quality

All our products are created with the most premium quality of gems. Quality is our biggest proposition and we make sure that all our customers witness it experientially.

  • Exclusory Elegance

Each of our pieces/sets is exclusive in nature with varieties in terms of gemstones used in each designs. Hence, whenever you’re purchasing something from our store, you get yourself a design that is owned just by you.

  • Sourced from Nature

The gemstones that we use for the creation of our products are sourced directly from natural mines. Each of our gemstones is quality checked and polished before it is passed on for being used for an adornment.